Hi, I'm Lauren.

I'm born and raised in Monmouth County and I've been photographing pets, wildlife, and my own family for many years but in 2022 I've been presented with the opportunity and encouragement to pursue this passion as a full time gig.

Pets are my speciality and I don't discriminate. If you have an animal in your life that you love, I can photograph it; reptiles, birds, rodents, cats, dogs, and horses. I have an eye for capturing special moments we share with our pets as well as fun and sometimes boisterous play time interactions.

I also offer special End-of-Life sessions for elderly or terminally ill pets to help you capture the magic of the bond you shared before it's gone.

No pets? No problem! I'm more than happy to photograph your family; big or small.

If you have questions, don't hesitate to contact me. I look forward to hearing from you!



“Lauren has an amazing eye! I asked her to shoot my horse and I for an ad and the photos came out amazing! She is easy to work with and great with animals and kids! I highly recommend her!”


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